USPS LiteBlue: Web Portal for the United States Postal Service

USPS LiteblueThe United States Postal Service (USPS) is an independent institution working under the umbrella of the US government’s executive branch. It is the single institution responsible for all forms of postal service throughout the whole country and LiteBlue its secure web portal.

It’s a large organization, with employees numbering several hundreds of thousands. The official estimation comes to 600,000. Managing such a huge company with a large workforce requires top-level management. Micromanagement is key, and you need good self-service tools to achieve that. One such self-service tool is a web portal called USPS LiteBlue.

The history of the USPS dates back to a few centuries, all the way back to 1775. Having existed for so long, a tradition of manual handling of the management of internal jobs had persisted, until recently when the LiteBlue web portal was invented to digitize the whole process. It’s quite amazing how much things have changed in the company since the launch of USPS LiteBlue.

USPS LiteBlue Overview

Every USPS employee is afforded their own account on LiteBlue. This account details all the employee information and employment details, and also provide the user with useful information on career advancement and service performance. Employees get notified of any job postings and vacancies within the company and then submit any bids and proposals for those jobs or request for promotions.

Users can only access the website through their accounts. Logging into the website requires entering employee ID and a Self Service Password (SSP). The Employee Identification number is usually displayed on the top of the earning statements.

As for security, unauthorized access into the system is met with the strict administrative response, with legal action taken against the perpetrator(s) if necessary.

Important features of LiteBlue

It has been a while since LiteBlue has been launched. It has been designed to be used by its’ employees only, so access has been restricted exclusively to the company’s employees and others who have a stake in it. These users have access to all the various useful features of this service. The following are some of the more important aspects of the service that employees find useful:

  • Employees can use the liteBlue web portal to handle their work and projects. They can also use it to manage and enhance their reputation and recognition in the company.
  • You can directly access the company’s products, and you also have direct access to details and information related to revenue and turnover.
  • LiteBlue login process is designed to maintain the safety and security of confidential employee data.
  • Every individual employee has their own personal directory, the details of which are managed in the portal.
  • It displays projects that fulfill the requirements of the client in full detail.
  • Details and info regarding any orders of mail and job vacancies are readily available.
  • Organizing and managing schedules for shipments and deliveries can be done automatically.
  • Records are managed and organized into directories
  • Any form of data, including requests and/or complaints by employees, are conveyed to the higher-ups in the company without any obstructions.
  • Other web portals of USPS work nicely in sync with LiteBlue.
  •  Its launching LiteBlue ePayroll system for their payroll management.

Logging Process in USPS LiteBlue Portal

The LiteBlue web portal has been designed with ease of use in mind. It has a very easy and simple to use user interface, with the process of logging in as easy as you expect it to be.

You don’t need a tutorial to learn how to log into LiteBlue, but a brief description of the process can still help someone who’s using the portal for the very first time. So here we outline the login process:

  1. The first thing you’ll need to log in is your employee login ID and a password.

Now for anyone wondering about the ID and how and where to get it, you’ll get one as soon as you get hired at USPS. Every single employee is provided with their own unique employee ID number which is displayed on the top of the salary statement. It’s also on display on an employee’s identity card.

The employee identification number is issued by the supervisor in charge of an employee. So if you are an employee of USPS and haven’t received your identification number yet, contact the supervisor.

  1. After having received both the identification number along with the password, the next step is simply to go over to LiteBlue login page and enter the relevant details in the required fields.
  2. The final step is the easiest and it involves just one click on the login button to finish the process. The login is complete and the user is then redirected to their dashboard.

How to Resetting the Password of Liteblue

Now there is no need to go into a lengthy discussion as to why a user must keep their account safe and secure using a password that is difficult to crack. But for a variety of reasons, passwords will need to be reset and changed to one that will more than likely maintain the security of a user account.

Initially, every user is provided with a password, a temporary one that they can use to log into their account. But you cannot expect to keep your account safe with such a password. A user of an account needs to set their own password, so they will need to change and reset their password.

Another reason to change passwords is a common scenario where a user forgets his/her password. This might be a password they set themselves but later forgot. That’s why it’s always recommended to set a password that is easy to remember.

Another scenario that might force someone to reset their password would be the oft chance that the account got accessed by unauthorized personnel who changed the password. No one wants their account to get handled by someone unauthorized to do so.

Now with all that being said, here is the process for changing the password for USPS LiteBlue account:

  1. The first step is to head over to the LiteBlue login portal. For that, one needs to open the computer browser and go to
  2. The page provides instructions along with the logging in option. Below the empty login, fields are the login option, below which is the “Forget your password” button. Clicking on that link would redirect the user to the Self Service Portal (SSP).
  3. The SSP portal displays a number of self-service tools, LiteBlue being one of them. The EIN i.e the Employment Identification Number will need to be entered on this page. The EIN can be found on the earning statements as well as on the identity cards.
  4. After typing in the EIN, the next step is to click on the “Verify Employee ID ” button.
  5. The following redirected pages will outline simple instructions. Following those instructions would complete the password resetting process.

It’s a simple process that only takes a few minutes to enjoy the service with USPS LiteBlue

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