USPS Job Bidding

The employees of USPS apply for certain assignments that are posted by bidding on them. There are many factors to consider for the applicants to get selected for the job they are bidding on. The bid success will depend on factors, such as the employees’ seniority, performance, skills and many other things.USPS Job Bidding

In this article, we will be talking about why this method of assigning jobs are beneficial, what the requirements from USPS are for the bidders, how the selection process works, and how applicants or employees bid on assignments.

Benefits of Job Bidding for USPS

Sometimes people will use job bidding and job posting interchangeably, however, these are two different things. Job posting is concerned with hiring for a job post through advertising whereas job bidding focuses on internal recruitment. Job bidding is mainly for the employees who are already existing in the company. There might be instances of existing employees to see job postings and applying for them as well.

USPS is benefitted from using job bidding for assigning tasks as many of the issues and extra hassles of job posting are eliminated with job bidding.

Firstly, this method identifies and provides fair consideration for all of the existing employees who are eligible for the assignments. The applicants are evaluated equally for the assignments.

It is less expensive for USPS to use job bidding to hire the employees for assignments compared to the activities needed for job posting. There’s no need for expenses on advertising on different media as the information of vacant position gets internally released.The cost of new employee training also gets cut off since the existing employees are already experienced enough and are evaluated.

Compared to hiring new employees for assignments the job bidding process facilitates a much faster system. This method allows to fill up the positions quicker as the extra steps of looking for new recruits are eliminated.

Requirements for USPS Job Bidding Posts

Posting Requirements: There are requirements for each of the assignments that go up in the USPS job bidding system. These will have certain indications of standards that come with them. There might be need for additional qualifications for vacancies along with the standard requirements. Some special additional requirements can be asked for the assignments, such as driving and/or typing skills.

The standard qualifications needed for various bid positions can be found Bargaining Qualifications on the Net or Bqnet. You have to follow the provisions if any qualification standard is there for special bidding posts. There’s no need to follow any standards, if qualification standard is not specified for certain assignments.

Applicants or bidders have to meet all the necessary requirements before they can get the vacancy position. If any assignment bid doesn’t not result in a success, the following methods can be used to fill up the position:

  • Changing to a lower level
  • Reassigning
  • Promoting
  • Reinstatement
  • Transferring from a different federal agency
  • Other appointments externally

Employees who are on active military duty can leave applications or bids for future bidding with the human resources or any appropriate manager to actualize when the posting occurs.

The positions for the senior qualified need to be posted according to the correct collective bidding agreement and the positions for best qualified will need to do the same. For best qualified, the following posting requirements can be specified:

  • Position by number, level, duties, and title
  • Location, scheduled workweek, and duty tour

Special Requirements:

The special requirements for assignments on bid will be related to the task. This allows the applicants to carry out the job duties satisfactorily, which they wouldn’t be able to do otherwise. The assignment bids will offer sufficient documentation to show that the special requirements are related to the job.

The bid position special requirements will be provided as ability, skill, or knowledge statements. These requirements can be like a second language knowledge apart from English or perhaps the knowledge of any certain programming language, which the applicant cannot readily acquire post-selection.

Educational requirements like degrees or experiences are considered inappropriate as options for special requirements, so they will not be locally added to the postings. In the case there are experience or education requirements listed in the standard qualification list, they cannot be altered in any way. You won’t have to face additional tests unless it is to check typing requirement eligibility. Examples of such inappropriate requirements can be:

  • Any requirement which can be readily met through a brief orientation and familiarizing of the assignment
  • Any requirement which will make it easier for certain candidates to acquire and difficult for others
  • Any requirement which is not primarily essential for the assignment and might be needed for probable future assignments

USPS Job Bidding Selection

The bidding selection procedures at USPS makes sure that the qualified people among the bidders get selected for the assignments. Any candidate reassigned, selected or promoted must be meeting every single requirement provided for the bid assignment. They will meet the physical requirements fully for any position, if they are able to carry out the essential parts without posing any harm threat to others or themselves, and with or without necessary accommodation.

Qualification Standards:

You can find the bid qualification standards on Bqnet, where the requirements are given that every bidder bust fulfil to qualify for application. These standards are applicable for filling both in-service and entry positions. Any further requirement can be found as special requirement and they will be specified during the announcement of vacancy.

No Qualification Standards: Some of the bid assignments will not come with the mentioned qualification standards, so the requirements for them need to be locally developed and provided with the announcement of vacancy. The vacancy file must retain the appropriate documentation that is used for developing the requirements.

Evaluating Qualifications: The human resources have to make sure that the bidders meet all of the requirements after being successful with a bid, which includes bids for changing schedule as well as returning to a post that they held previously.

Sequence and Timing of Evaluation:Although the bidders must be fulfilling all the needed requirements for a bid assignment, they don’t necessarily have to demonstrate all of them at once. Perhaps a bidder will first go through initial training stage and then they will be checked for the validity of their driving skills as well as driving license. There will be sequences of checking for the evaluation.

Evaluating Qualifications: In case any of the bidders do not meet the necessary requirements, or cannot prove their qualifications the evaluation process will not proceed any further.

Bidding Procedure on LiteBlue

The USPS job bidding process takes place on LiteBlue, which is a portal for the employees and it is completely automated. In order to bid on an assignment, you need to get into the portal, and for that you need your employee ID and the PIN that you can receive from USPS. After logging in, you have to complete the following steps to finish bidding on an assignment:

  1. Click on the button named “My HR” in the top row
  2. From the right column select “A Craft Employee” under the section “I AM”
  3. Then click on “Enter Job Bids”
  4. Choose a “Posting Number” which you want to bid

In case of multiple bids, make sure that you enter the preferences in the column: “Choice”. This will help you to prioritize your bidding selections.


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