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All you need to do is to use your TSP login option every now and then, and see what’s happening with your TSP account. You will need your TSP Account Number/User ID and the password to your account.

Now that you have set up your TSP plan, you have taken a pretty big decision of your life. Hopefully, you have picked the right one for yourself, and now all you have to do is to sit back and reap the benefits of the plan you have chosen. However, just because you have made your decision, it doesn’t mean you need to stop thinking about your TSP completely. It is very important that you keep a regular eye on your plan but you won’t have to spend much time on it.

What features can you find after your TSP account Login?

After you get access to the TSP login page, there are a number of features/actions that you can enjoy; for example:

  • You can see your account balance
  • You can see the account balance of your TSP.gov account
  • You can apply for a TSP loan
  • You can see the transactions you’ve made most recently
  • You can get copies of your participant statements
  • You can make updates or changes to your contact information
  • You can make different allocations and contributions to the different TSP funds you own
  • You can request and make a withdrawal
  • You can make transfers between the funds

What online security measure taken by tsp.gov on your TSP account?

Your TSP account is completely secured. The Thrift Savings Plan has very recently implemented a number of high-tech security measures that will guard your account against any kind of hacking, identity theft and financial theft, crash or any other problems. Your contact information and all kinds of account information will be completely safe as well as private under these special safety measures.

You can also help in our quest to keep your account safe, by keeping your computer protected from virus attacks or unwanted users. Keep your computer privacy and protected with Firewalls and make your password a strong one.

Browsers that would be recommend to login to your Account?

Although you can use a number of browsers to log in to your TSP account, here are the ones we personally recommend:

  1. Safari for Macintosh (9.0 or higher version)
  2. Internet Explorer (11 or higher version)
  3. Chrome (any current and updated version)
  4. Firefox (any current and updated version)

We recommend these browsers because something older than these cannot support the security features that are used in the TSP login pages, and there can be a chance of some of the information getting distorted. To be more specific, we recommend browsers that support 128-bit encryption and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

Why should you clear your browser cache once you have entered your account?

Whichever browser you are using, it is important that you remember to clear your cache before and after you have logged into your TSP account. The methods and steps to clearing your cache is different for each browser. The instructions are given below with the names of the browsers you might be using in case you are not completely familiar with the concept.

How can your login your TSP Account?

Login to your TSP Account is a very simple and hassle-free processYou will need any one of two information in order for a TSP login: either your TSP Account number or your User ID. Your TSP Account Number is the number that would have been emailed to you on your creating a TSP Account. The User ID, on the other hand, is a number that you have to create yourself for using in online transactions if you don’t want to use your account number.

tsp login

You will also need a password to login to the account. A temporary password will be emailed to you on opening your TSP Account, that you will need to access the account for the first time. After that, it is preferable that you change the temporary password and create a one of your own that no one else will know. Your password should be a strong one – preferably a combination of letters, numbers and symbols –  that will also be easy for you to remember. Click Here to login your TSP account Online

TSP Gov Login: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access my TSP account?

You can use the “login” button on the TSP website to log in to your TSP Account. Or, you can use this link to reach the “login” to above link.

What can I do if I forget my account number and user id?

In case you forget your Account number, you can always reach out to TSP to send it to you. You can do so by contacting here. The number will be mailed to you as soon as possible. For security reasons, you cannot ask for or be given the account number over the telephone, only via email.

However, if you have your account number but you have forgotten the User ID you have created for yourself, you can still access your TSP account by using that account number. You can then create another User ID and password and use the new one from the next time.

If you have forgotten both your User ID and your account number, you have to ask for your account number from the TSP office following the steps mentioned ahead, log in using that and then create another User ID.

What can I do to retrieve my forgotten TSP password?

If you forget your password, there are a number of steps you can take to get it back. You can go to your TSP Account and clock on the “Forgot Your Password?” option. The next steps to retrieve or change your password will be available once you click on this button.

What can I do if I have never received the TSP password?

If you have joined the Thrift Saving Plan before May of 2007 and never received a Temporary Password, you can use your Thrift-line PIN number to set one up. For this, you have to enter your account with your account number and use your PIN in the Password box.

However, if you don’t remember your PIN, you can ask for it by contacting the TSP office. You have to go this link just like you can ask for your TSP account number. Similarly, you will receive the PIN in an email; it cannot be given to you over the phone.



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