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The PostalEASE is a telephone enrollment process for the United States Postal Services for TSP or Thrift Savings Plan transactions, FEHB information, Direct Deposit and much more.PostalEASE LiteBlue

What is PostalEASE?

Employees of the United States Postal Service can enroll in the TSP or Thrift Savings Plan; make changes to the TSP contributions monthly; register for a direct deposit account; and determine how much they want to deposit directly into the account from their pay check through the PostalEASE Web System Login. The system can be accessed through both the LiteBlue website portal as well as telephone.

To access using telephone, employees will require the SSN or Social Security Number and the PIN code, whereas the LiteBlue portal login requires the Employee Identification Number and the PIN. Changes that involve any bank account like direct deposit sign up will need the Financial Institution Routing Number that the bank has provided, the bank type, and the account number in the bank.

The PostalEASE offers a one-stop solution for the United States Postal Service employees to help make their transaction process easier. USPS employees can utilize the LiteBlue – PostalEASE portal to complete various tasks while the Thrift Saving Plan seasons are open. Some of these tasks are:

  • Starting the Thrift Savings Plan contributions
  • Modifying the revenue rate for the TSP plan (employees are able to determine how much cash they want to invest in the plan and save based on their current situations)
  • Cancel any ongoing Thrift Savings Plan contributions
  • Add or modify the dependents’ information (in the case the employee is enrolled in a Self Plus one plan, they will need to communicate with the HRSSC before they can add or changing any foster child or family member as per the requirements of the FEHB)

How to Set Up PostalEASE?

PostalEASE Set Up Requirements:

Setting up PostalEASE is a fairly simple process, and the first requirement to be eligible for the service is that you have to be an employee of the USPS. The goal of the facility is the make the work of the employees at USPS easier. Once that box checks out, there is a need for several other credentials.

These are your USPS PIN code, Social Security Number or SSN, the personal USPS FCU account number, and a USPS FCU Routing number, which is 254075441 by default. Remember that the USPS FCU Number must have seven digits with a 0 at the end to ease the automatic deposits default routing.

PostalEASE – LiteBlue Registration:

Once you have made sure that you have all the requirement boxes ticked, it is now time to register on the PostalEASE system. You can call 1-877-3273 or 1-877-4PS-EASE and then select the PostalEASE menu. After that, you will have to submit the USPS PIN and SSN number and keep following the given instruction till you finish the registration procedure.

Once the initial entries are filled out, you will get other instructions. A good idea during this process is to keep some writing tools close to you as you’ll have to write some information down in case of future references. This information you have to keep note of are the upcoming payday date, processing date, and the confirmation number. In any case of PostalEASE issues these will prove to be vital for you.

Some of the important information you need to note down are confirmation number, date of processing, and the next payday date. This information is vital in case of any PostalEASE issues.

On the off chance you find the registration process to be challenging, feel free to contact the LiteBlue portal of USPS to find online help. Also, you can seek help from a local office by reaching out to them. Regardless of which approach you take, you will have to provide the details stated before as the step requirements are relatively similar.

How to Use PostalEASE?

To use PostalEASE, you can simply access the services through the LiteBlue online portal or you can call the 1-877-477-3273 number which is toll-free. If you have any type of hearing disability, you can reach out to 1-800-877-8339 which is the Federal Relay Service. There you will communicate with a representative of HRSSC for further guidance and assistance.

In any case, if you are calling the PostalEASE employees service, you should have the three required credentials handy. These are the Employee ID Number of USPS, Social Security Number, and the Number of Personal Identification. If you don’t have an SSN or PIN number, you can call the PostalEASE through the phone and then ask for a PIN delivered to your residence or address. It will take 10 days at most to receive the PIN number.

The USPS employees are able to access the LiteBlue portal using the employee ID & password, which gives access to the PostalEASE system for benefit management. The employee ID can be found at the top of the earning statement of employees. The online profile can be set up by going to the webpage of self-service profile. In case you forget your profile password, you can go there to reset it as well.

PostalEASE for Allotments

If you want to use PostalEASE for making allotments or net banking transfers the USPS employee will require these following credentials:

  • The number of the account and what is the type of the account – where they are depositing or transferring the cash. (The account can be checking, savings or any other account)
  • A financial institution routing number of nine digits. (You can get the number from the financial institution that will be the receiver)

After completion of each of the transactions, a confirmation code will be provided. Keep a note of this number and put it away for safe-keeping. You can use the number as the reference to solve any discrepancies that might come up in the future.

How Long Until PostalEASE Knows I’m A Regular?

If you have been working for the USPS for a while now and got converted to a regular employee, your PostalEASE status will update to adjust to the new benefits and opportunities. However, the updating process can take some time to finish as various places need to update your information. Usually the system should be recognizing you as a regular within five to seven days, but it mostly depends on where you are working and the updating system.

To make sure your information is updated, check the PS 50 to see if your status has been converted. If you are able to log into the eReassign, then you should be good to go as only the data has not been plugged into the PostalEASE system yet. Non-regular, NRLCA, and the ones looking to change crafts in the current installation cannot use the eReassign. You should be able to get the regular employee benefits from the PostalEASE system once it updates.

LiteBlue Features: PostalEASE & Job Bidding

PostalEASE is not the only feature you can access through the LiteBlue portal as you can also bid for assignments through there using your employee ID & the password.

To do so you have to enter your PIN and ID at where they are indicated. After that, click the My HR option in the upper row, and then select A Craft Employee under I Am section. You will be redirected to the bidding page of USPS LiteBlue. There you can click Enter Job Bids and select which Posting Number you want to bid. Indicate your choice in the Choice column, if you are choosing multiple bids.



  • my name is rita I am trying to sign in PostalEase to choose or change my health insurance during open season but i cannot get in i don’t know why. please help I’m running out of time.on liteblue i have my user name & password ready but still cannot sign in. thank you.

    • @rita thank you. We reviewed your issue and its really frustrating to you. You may try in forget password section for getting the new liteblue password and enjoy the PostalEase services.

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